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What causes addiction? It’s a common question asked by many but unfortunately, there is no simple answer. No one thing causes addiction. Instead, it’s a mix of different factors combining that drag a person toward addiction. Through previous research, professionals have now concluded that everything from genetics to environment and even personal trauma, all contribute toward addiction – however they aren’t the only contributory factors.

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Everyone Is Different

It should be noted  that while genetics has been mentioned, there is no specific gene that leads to addiction, likewise, there is no specific trauma or social environment. Just because someone grows up with an addict doesn’t mean they’ll automatically follow the same path. The same can be said for someone who has never been around addiction – this doesn’t naturally mean they’ll be any less susceptible to it. 

Trauma & Mental Health Problems

Addiction for many is a way of dealing or self-medicating when trying to cope with physical or mental pain. It can also be a way of dealing with life’s stresses and strains, past traumas and other situations that give us difficulty in coping. This can be anything from a past trauma to current pressures however it has now been acknowledged by the UK Department Of Health that there are extremely high rates of people in rehab facilities who have a history of past trauma, showing it to be a very big contributory factor.

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Social & Environmental Health Problems

Social and environmental factors can also play a role when it comes to the development of addiction. Growing up in an environment in which you’re exposed to substance or behavioural abuse can increase the risk of you suffering from an addiction, in fact, the National Association for Children said children raised by alcoholic parents were 3x more likely to become alcoholics themselves.



When it comes to genetics, there is a great deal more evidence needed to find out what really leads someone to be predisposed to addiction – however it’s worth noting that while a person’s genetics may play a part, further research needs to be put into this area in order for more reliant evidence to be found.


Physical reliance is certainly a factor, more prevalent in substance abuse to the likes of alcohol or opiates. Having said that, even behavioural addictions such as gambling or sex can be down to the physical reliance upon the outcomes that result in that behaviour – mental highs etc.


Addiction & Treatment

When it comes to treatment, there is no treatment quite like the bespoke, tailored rehabilitation services we offer here at Infinity Addiction Solutions. We tailor all plans to the individual and their addiction, giving them the very best care whether they choose to become an inpatient on a residential basis or an outpatient. For more information, please contact us today on 0800 334 5541.

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