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Manage Withdrawal Symptoms From Drugs & Alcohol

When it comes to withdrawal symptoms, particularly for substance abuse, there are numerous problems an addict may face. Symptoms can range from insomnia, depression, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, cramps, nightmares and much much more.

There are numerous ways however, that one can manage withdrawal symptoms. Here’s a round-up of some of the best methods we think you may benefit from.

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Exercise Regularly

Healthy amounts of exercise can help your brain to release hormones called endorphins. Endorphins will help to positively restore the chemical balance in the brain, making you feel good. Exercise during withdrawal will also help you reduce stress and tension and even help you sleep better. Taking part in physical activity will help improve your physical health which in turn can help improve your mental health.

Give Your Body The Best Nutrition

The right nutrition can play a huge role in the healing of the body. By ensuring you eat meals rich in proteins, vitamins and other essential nutrients during addiction detox, you’re providing it with the fuel it needs to ensure healthy brain and organ function – all vital when your body is going through withdrawal.

Stay Hydrated

Our bodies are made up of at least 70% water, therefore staying hydrated is just as important as eating the right foods. Often, thirst or hunger can be mistaken for cravings. Ensuring your body is well hydrated and fully nourished will therefore minimise the occurrence of this.

Stick To A Schedule

Schedules are incredibly important, especially when it comes to diet and even more importantly, sleep. Ensuring your tummy is full and you’re well-rested with a structured sleep pattern is invaluable. You’ll be able to think clearly, as well as control mood swings and more importantly cravings far better.

Stretch & Practice Mindfulness

Consider activities such as stretching and yoga. They’ll get the blood flowing, stimulate brain activity and release any tension you may be feeling. You may even want to consider meditating – a fantastic tool within your armoury to help you focus when you need it most.

Attend A Professional Medical Detox Program

Withdrawal symptoms can be tough at the best of times. At others, they can be downright dangerous. By attending a facility such as ours, where you can take part in medically supervised addcition detox programs, you’re putting yourself in the very safest position possible. Withdrawal symptoms can range from physical to mental but with the right help and knowledge around you, you’ll get the support you need to ensure the process is safe.

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