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What Are The Differences Between Habit and Addiction

Do you know the difference between an unhealthy habit and an addiction? Could you tell the difference in your own behaviours? Have you developed a habit or has it become something more problematic? We know that the difference between the two for some, can be hard to see especially as both grow out of repeated behaviours. It’s important to note however, there are quite clear distinctions between them, which we’ll explain in further detail.

One of the most notable differences between a habit and an addiction is the amount of time needed in order to change the behaviour that’s going on. While altering or stopping a habit can take a much shorter time, less attention and significantly less effort, altering an addiction will demand far more from you. Think long-term, lifestyle changes, going through physical symptoms such as withdrawal as well as the emotional disconnect that’s often faced between the body and behaviour.

As humans, we’re naturally drawn to habitual patterns, simply because repetition provides comfort and something we all seek – familiarity. Sadly, it’s those habitual habits that can often take a dark turn, eventually turning into addictions.

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A Checklist For Habit Vs Addiction

Are you concerned that your habit may be an addiction? Unsure if your loved one’s habit has become something more troublesome? Then you may want to ask yourself the following the questions:

  • Have you actively tried to hide your behaviour, unsuccessfully, from family and friends or even work colleagues?
  • Have you put yourself in a risky position on more than one occasion in order to feed your habit?
  • Is your habit having a negative affect on your life, directly or indirectly?
  • Do you find yourself feeling ill or suffering from stress and anxiety when you stop carrying out said behaviour or taking the substance you crave?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it’s quite likely that you’re suffering from an addiction. Whether it’s at the early stages or deep set can only be revealed by a medical professional such as ourselves here at Infinity Addiction Solutions. 

Getting Help Is Paramount

A habit is a learned behaviour with an association between the stimulus or incentive and the response or behavioural reaction. This may have manifested itself consciously or subconsciously. Addiction is far more complex. In fact, addiction is a life threatening illness and it’s important that one seek medical help as soon as possible. 

Here at Infinity Addiction Solution, we’re proud to boast a number of addiction rehab treatment centres throughout Essex and London. We offer a mix of both residential and outpatient bespoke treatment programs to help those suffering with addiction and can ensure the support you need, when you need it. 

Speak To Us About What We Can Do To Help

Speak to our addiction specialists who can help you today.