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IAS Bristol – Private Drug & Alcohol Rehab, Drug & Alcohol Detox and Addiction Counselling

Addiction Services Bristol

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    Rehab Treatment Serving Bristol Area

    If you would like more information on our addiction rehabilitation services in and around the Bristol area, please contact our experienced team today who are more than happy to assist you, answer any questions and provide the right private treatment that suits your needs, even if the location is not listed below.

    Please call 0800 334 5541.

    Looking For Addiction Treatment in Bristol?

    Speak to our addiction specialists in Bristol who can help you today.

    First Class Help For Drug & Alcohol Addiction In Bristol

    All of our drug and alcohol treatments begin with an individual screening assessment of your needs, helping to produce a unique blue print of the main problem areas that are present and causing difficulties in your life. This allows the opportunity to then create a bespoke treatment recovery plan that sets out your personal goals, to target and resolve your specific difficulties and problem areas, as well as the action steps needed to achieve your goals.

    If required and where needed, a medical detox can be recommended and facilitated through one of our partnership services, to enable you to stop using  your substance safely and to manage any withdrawal symptoms you are likely to experience, so you can heal safely and without worry or concern. Withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous if experienced without the necessary medical help on hand. Thankfully, with our expert medical partners, we can facilitate detoxes to ensure that withdrawal symptoms, while uncomfortable, do not provide dangerous outcomes for those experiencing them. 

    Once detoxes have been completed or if not required, we then proceed with therapy and counselling through one of our programs, to not only address the addiction but the cause of the addiction itself. It’s during these therapies and treatments that we help search for the root problem in order to truly address the addiction, giving you the best possible chance of overcoming or managing it. From one to one therapy, targeted assignments and even through group workshop sessions, we provide a safe space that increases your motivation so you can work on yourself and heal from the impact the addiction has had on you and those closest to you.

    We then follow all our programs with a supportive complimentary aftercare service for six months to ensure you have the ongoing support, maintain and continue to develop the tools and resources you need to reduce the chances of relapse as much as possible.

    Addiction Treatment Services in Bristol

    Drug & Alcohol Help Bristol

    In need of drug and alcohol rehab in Bristol? Then look no further because right here at Infinity Addiction Solutions, we have you covered with first class substance abuse treatment services in Bristol and the surrounding areas such as Horfield, Bedminster, Easton, Hillfields, Filwood, Southmead, Shirehampton, Henleaze, South Glos and many more. We can provide you with the most current and effective options, and when you need it most.

    We have spent time selectively hand-picking a team of experts to lead our countless rehab programs, ensuring all who seek addiction treatment from Infinity Addiction Solutions receive the very best care. That means you, or your loved one struggling with substance abuse has rapid access to professional treatment, whether that’s as an inpatient or outpatient.

    Our private drug and alcohol rehab treatments are accessible almost immediately, are chargeable and are not free. If you are not able to fund your own treatment, we can point you in the right direction to free services however, it’s worth noting that NHS treatments can unfortunately have lengthy waiting lists which can be as long as 3 months plus. This is due to severe underfunding. It’s also worth noting that in most cases, any form of aftercare services aren’t always available via the NHS, which can leave many vulnerable to relapse.  Here at Infinity Addiction Solutions, we realise the importance of accessing treatment quickly and the provision of aftercare treatments and therefore ensure this is carried out in full, so you understand that we’re still with you, from the very start right through and even after you complete your treatment.

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    Alcohol Rehab Bristol

    An Alcohol Use Disorder is a serious illness that can affect anyone. It doesn’t discriminate based on age, sex or social status and has varying degrees of severity.

    It’s one of the most common forms of addiction in the UK but it continues to be viewed as just an unhealthy habit rather than what it truly is – a disorder.

    We provide specialist alcohol treatment in Bristol for those suffering from alcoholism or alcohol misuse and we work with our patients to help them regain control over their lives through providing effective alcohol addiction treatment and support programs, all designed specifically for each individual person we work with. Our goal is to help the recovery process safely by providing a wide range of private treatments to address the problem and its many accompanying or underlying factors, for example mental ill health, stress, relationships, loss, bereavement or trauma.  Our treatments can be accessed during the day or evenings as an outpatient or in one of our fully residential rehabs as an inpatient with effective counselling sessions, group workshops and other vital treatments such as alcohol detoxification using prescription drugs where required and safe to do so.

    Stopping alcohol consumption should be done with professional guidance as stopping too abruptly can cause alcohol withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, sweats, shakes, tremors and nausea. Or in the more severe dependency levels, even seizures or brain damage which are extremely dangerous.

    Cocaine Rehab Bristol

    Cocaine is a powerful stimulant that can have serious effects on the human body. It’s incredibly addictive and even one use can lead to a substance use disorder.

    Many people who try cocaine will become addicted before they know it, and not even realise they need help until it’s too late. The psychological cravings are often the hardest part of recovery for many people, so you may likely need professional help to beat it!

    Our Bristol cocaine rehab offers private treatment programmes designed specifically for your needs, which will give you the best possible chance of beating any addiction or dependency issues you may be facing with cocaine.

    We offer expert care from our staff as well as cocaine drug counselling, group therapy sessions and activities to keep your mind active while we work with you through this difficult time in your life. We also provide long-term cocaine rehab aftercare support once addiction treatment has been completed if required so that all aspects of recovery can be addressed when necessary.

    Pros & Cons of Private Rehab in Bristol

    Facing addiction is a challenging journey, but Infinity Addiction Solutions in Bristol is here to provide the support you need. Choosing a private rehab facility comes with numerous benefits, including fast-track access to specialised treatments, individualised care, and state-of-the-art facilities. Additionally, our discreet and confidential services ensure your privacy is protected, allowing you to focus on your recovery journey without judgement or prejudice.

    However, it’s essential to consider the financial implications of private rehab, as it may not be the most affordable option for all individuals. Moreover, private rehab may not offer the same breadth of community support found in free or NHS-funded services. In weighing these factors, make an informed decision to find the best addiction treatment programme for your unique circumstances.

    How Much Does Rehab Cost in Bristol?

    The cost of rehab in Bristol can vary significantly depending on factors such as the duration of treatment, the level of care, and the amenities provided by the facility. While some may view these costs as a barrier to treatment, it’s crucial to consider the long-term value of investing in your health and well-being.

    Infinity Addiction Solutions offers a range of private addiction treatments to accommodate various levels of dependency and budgets. Some private facilities may provide flexible payment plans and insurance coverage options to help ease the burden of treatment costs which start at as little at £1,250 for non residential options and from £8,000 for twenty-eight days in residential rehab. Ultimately, the decision to invest in private rehab should be weighed against the potential for lifelong recovery and personal growth, as well as the cost of not seeking treatment at all.

    Free/NHS Addiction Treatment Services in Bristol

    For individuals who may not be able to afford private rehab, Bristol offers free and NHS-funded addiction treatment services. These services often include counselling, support groups, and referrals to residential programmes, providing a valuable lifeline for those in need. While the waiting times for NHS-funded treatment can be longer than private options, these services remain an essential component of the recovery journey for many individuals. Below is a list of Free/NHS treatment services in Bristol:

    Free Fellowships, Groups & Communities in Bristol:

    In addition to professional treatment services, Bristol boasts a vibrant network of free fellowships, support groups, and recovery communities. These groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and SMART Recovery, provide peer-led support, encouragement, and guidance for individuals navigating the challenges of addiction recovery. By fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared experience, these groups empower individuals to build lasting connections and develop essential coping strategies for long-term success in recovery.

    DHI (Developing Health & Dependance) – Bristol
    Tel: 0117 440 0540
    Email: [email protected]
    Address: 14 St. James’ Parade, Bath BA1 1UL
    BDP (Bristol Drugs Project) – Bristol
    Tel: 0117 987 6000
    Email: [email protected]
    Address: 11 Brunswick Square, Bristol, BS2 8PE
    Ara Charity (Recovery For All) – Bristol
    Tel: 0330 1340 286
    Email: [email protected]
    Address: Kings Court, 11 King St, Bristol BS1 4EF
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    Infinity Addiction Solutions – A Company You Can Trust

    Whether you’re looking for treatment for yourself or a loved one, know that our flexible and bespoke drug and alcohol rehab plans in Bristol and surrounding areas are the very best out there. We ensure complete transparency at every stage too – because we’re a company you can trust.

    Areas Our Bristol Rehab Covers

    We offer addiction counselling in Bristol with rehab services covering Clifton, Avonmouth, Hartcliffe, Cotham, Southmead, Southville, and much more.

    For more information on our drug and alcohol rehab programs in Bristol, contact us now on 0800 334 5541.

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