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What Are the Different Types of Addiction Treatment?

At Infinity Addiction Solutions, our addiction experts know that any addiction is completely unique. By this, we mean that everyone is different and their circumstances will be as individual as they are, the same as their respective addiction and how it affects their life.

This is why our non-judgemental and compassionate approach to addiction aims to connect you with the best addiction service for you – or your loved one – as possible. That said, there are some standard ways in which addiction is treated that are worth exploring, especially if you are new to the world of addiction therapy. Read on to find out more.

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Different Types of Addiction Treatment Options Across The UK

Click on the tabs below to find out more about the various treatment models which are commonly provided to recovering addicts:

The detoxification model of addiction treatment is one that has been tried and tested by many people who have sought help in the UK.

It has a track record of success with substance abuse, but it is also an approach which can work when trying to kick the habit of addictive behaviours, such as a compulsion to watch pornography, for example.

Essentially, this addiction treatment model will mean helping you to reduce your consumption of a substance safely with the aid of medication or to find strategies to not succumb to compulsive yearnings so often.

It can help to prevent damage from withdrawal symptoms and it means gradually working towards the ultimate goal of becoming free from addiction.

A professional medical approach suits some people who regard their addiction to be something akin to an illness. Of course, plenty of medical professionals work in the field of addiction treatment and seeking help from a healthcare professional can certainly work in numerous settings.

Many people respond favourably to this approach because it places no blame on the individual. It can be particularly effective when it is undertaken by people with other mental health factors that might play a part in their addictive behaviours.

These include conditions like depression, anxiety and different sorts of psychiatric diagnoses. However, the medical treatment path can also be effective with people who have no such conditions to factor in with their addiction.

Closely related to the medical model for treating addiction – but distinct from it nonetheless – is a psychological approach. Psychologists have long theorised about the nature of addiction.

This has led to a number of techniques that professionals in the field have at their disposal to help people suffering from a wide range of addictions.

By addressing underlying psychological factors like childhood trauma, loss and bereavement, psychologists, psychotherapists and counsellors can hone into the root cause of addictive behaviours and develop strategies for dealing with them.

Other factors that might be involved in such treatments include exposure to shock or a relationship breakdown and so on.

This model can work in numerous ways and it suits many people who are trying to beat their addiction. In some cases, peer support will be deployed in a group therapy situation to help drug users or alcoholics to help them resist temptation or peer pressure that might come from other users they interact with.

By addressing communication styles and social boundaries, the environmental model is focussed on working out individualised ways of avoiding situations which may lead to compulsive behaviour or substance misuse developing into dependency.

Advice on how to resettle in a new environment may be offered. This model constitutes a person-centred approach so it can be adapted to suit every type of circumstance no matter how singular it may seem.

Addiction Treatment Services in The UK

Why Are There Different Types of Addiction Treatment?

Various theories surrounding what addiction really is have been developed in the past. This means that the types of treatment for them have also been developed depending on the theory concerned. In addition, some therapies have been developed simply because they have been shown to be effective. That might be because of the nature of the addiction concerned or due to the personality type of the person being treated.

At Infinity Addiction Solutions, we would like to underline the fact that all the different types of addiction treatment are able to be tweaked and tailored to meet the particular circumstances of the individual concerned. Contact Infinity Addiction Solutions for advice on the best model for treating addiction in your case. Our service is there to help ensure you enjoy a long-lasting recovery by working out what will suit you from the outset. Call our helpline now at 0800 334 5541 if you need assistance.

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