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Dual Diagnosis Mental Health & Addiction

Dual Diagnosis - What Is It?

It is not always the case that someone who is suffering from some form of addiction will have an associated mental health condition but it is something that professionals in either discipline will come across all too often.

In other words, qualified and empathetic addiction treatment professionals will often be well-versed in some of the common mental health disorders which are seen in the general population. Equally, mental healthcare workers will often have a sound working knowledge of addiction types and some of the most usual addiction treatment methods.

To be clear, if you – or someone you know – is addicted to a substance or a behaviour, then it does not necessarily follow that they have a mental health disorder. However, dual diagnoses are often made and one diagnosis can assist with the other. Read on to find out more about the role that poor mental health can have on addiction.

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Common Mental Health Disorders Found With Dual Diagnosis

As mentioned, there is no direct causal link between addiction and mental health problems. That said, some disorders are more often associated with addiction than others.

Being worried once in a while is not a mental health disorder but feelings of excessive tension which don’t abate is often a sign of suffering from anxiety. Insomnia, edginess and muscle tension are all common symptoms of this condition, too.

People who are clinically depressed will often lose interest in their usual daily activities and turn to addictive behaviours instead. Symptoms of depression include sensations of loneliness and helplessness as well as a loss of libido and the inability to concentrate.

Sometimes also called manic depression, suffering from bipolar disorder will often feel like riding an emotional roller coaster, something that can feel a bit like being addicted in certain contexts. Other signs of the condition include hyperactivity, grandiose thoughts and extreme anger.

There are many forms of personality disorder, all of which are conditions where people differ significantly from an average person with how they feel, think, perceive or relate to others. All of these differences contribute to distorted feelings and beliefs about other people which can often lead to behaviours that others may find odd, distressing or upsetting.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Essex

Some people turn to substance misuse because they are suffering from an underlying mental health disorder (Dual diagnosis). Whether they know it or not, this sort of behaviour is often referred to as self-medication.

Because someone feels down due to anxiety or depression, has a personality disorder or bipolar disorder for example, he or she may feel the need to use drugs, drink to excess to help regulate or alleviate the symptoms of the mental health disorder which can then create additional mental health complications and symptoms.

Some studies have shown that around half the people who become substance abusers are known to also suffer from one or more mental health conditions.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Is Not the Same for Everyone

Equally, people who behave in addictive ways or use certain types of substance can alter the chemical make-up of their brain. In turn, this can lead to the development of a mental health disorder where none existed before.

As such, mental health and addiction are often seen as two sides of the same coin. Therefore, dealing with both at the same time can help to overcome them whereas acting on one alone may not be so effective.

This is very much down to the individual concerned, of course, which is why at Infinity Addiction Solutions we take such a carefully considered approach to everyone we help.

Speak To Us About Dual Diagnosis of Addiction & Mental Health

Speak to our addiction specialists in Essex who can help you today.

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If you have any symptoms that sound like those mentioned above and you are also the sort of person who misuses substances, likes to gamble recklessly, has an addictive behaviour or drinks too much, then Infinity Addiction Solutions is here to help.

Our professional consultants can assist you with identifying the drivers behind your addiction and any mental health conditions you may have which are making them worse. We can put you on the first steps to recovery by establishing which effective addiction treatment services will suit your circumstances best.


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