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How To Stop Gambling

Problem gambling can be difficult to stop and even when one does accomplish this, it can be an ongoing task to stay away from it completely. While ex-gambling addicts can find it hard to abstain, with the right treatment and access to professional help, recovery is possible. In order to maintain that abstinence however, we’ve listed below a few ideas that can aid you in sustaining that new way of life.

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Avoid Boredom

Ex-gamblers usually struggle most during periods of boredom. By planning ahead, you can ensure you won’t be tempted to fill those quiet gaps with gambling. Instead of allowing quiet moments to take hold, instead find a task that excites or simply keep busy. Head to the gym, socialise with friends and avoid the boredom that can often lead to you reaching for your phone or device to gamble.

Take Each Day As It Comes

While we advise to plan ahead to avoid boredom, it’s still a good idea that you take one day at a time. Whether you had a bad day or perhaps relapsed, it’s important that you forget about what happened yesterday and simply take each day as it comes. It also means not worrying about what happens tomorrow. Keep your focus firmly on today.

Try Something New

Whether it’s a hobby, a new TV series or something else entirely, trying something new will inevitably take your mind off of gambling but keep your brain stimulated at the same time. Try setting yourself new goals or tasks each day as this will allow you to cope better with those urges.

Enjoy An Old Hobby

Did you once have a hobby that brought you joy? Then it may be a great time to take that hobby up again. Often, as gamblers fall deeper into their addiction, hobbies and previous forms of enjoyment can fall by the wayside.

Enjoying those old hobbies once more won’t just give you that enjoyment again but can also help boost your confidence, giving you a reminder of what you once loved. It’s also vital that you find a new healthy hobby to replace your old addiction and a previous hobby that you once enjoyed can be a great way of doing that.

Find Ways Of Coping With Stress

Stress can be a common trigger and a big contributory factor when it comes to relapse. It’s therefore vital that you find new ways to cope, from exercise to simply talking it out with a friend.

Identify Triggers

It can pay to keep a diary of when you felt the urge, what you were doing during that moment and over time, you may notice a pattern. This could be certain events taking place such as special occasions, periods of down time or boredom. Once you find this pattern, you’ll be able to identify your triggers much easier.

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