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Gambling Addiction Treatment

Are You A Compulsive Gambler? We Can Help Gamblers Recover & Stop Gambling

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    Gambling Addiction Help & Support

    Gambling problems can affect anyone in any walk of life. Many people however, like to gamble but that doesn’t mean they have a gambling addiction.

    Today we’re looking at gambling addictions, what defines a gambling addiction, the signs and symptoms you may see as well as addiction treatments available.

    To begin, let’s first look at what constitutes an actual gambling addiction, separating it from the likes of those who merely enjoy recreational gambling on an occasional basis.

    What Is A Gambling Addiction?

    A gambling addiction, otherwise known as pathological gambling, compulsive gambling and/or gambling disorder is very much an impulse-control disorder in which the gambler struggles to control the impulse to gamble.

    Regardless of financial circumstances, those with a gambling addiction will continue to gamble, even when they understand the odds are against them and they cannot afford to lose.

    If you feel you’re starting to become preoccupied with gambling, despite the consequences of that ‘one last bet’, have found yourself spending more and more time gambling and are often ‘chasing your losses’, then you have a gambling problem that requires treatment.

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    Struggling with gambling? Our team can help you stop gambling today.

    Gambling Addiction Signs & Symptoms

    For those suffering from a gambling addiction, they may often feel powerless to stop. Likewise, if you’ve found yourself watching a loved one, it can be tough to understand not only what they’re doing but how you can help. The first step in any form of treatment however, is recognising you/a loved one has a gambling addiction. 

    Gambling addictions are sometimes referred to as a hidden addiction as there aren’t any obvious signs and symptoms but there are certainly things to look out for:

    • The person in question feels the need to be secretive about their gambling
    • They’re having trouble controlling the amount of times they gamble
    • Have pushed to borrow or steal items in a bid to make some money to use for gambling
    • Continually denying concerned questions from friends over the amount they gamble
    • Continually up their bets in a bid to win their losses back
    • Gamble even when they don’t have any money often getting into large amounts of debt
    • Have difficulty walking away when they begin gambling
    • Feel like they must gamble until they’ve spent their very last pound

    Gambling Addiction Treatment Services in The UK

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    Gambling Addiction & Treatments in Essex

    Looking to how to stop gambling addiction is never easy. Thankfully, with the right professional help, you can give yourself the best possible chance of recovery. Here at Infinity Addiction, we understand that every client is unique, as is their addiction which is why we offer a selection of treatment options. 

    We spend time with the patient themselves, getting to know their addiction, what drives them as well as the type of person they are. With this information, we’re then able to select the best possible treatment option.

    Not only will we help treat the gambling addiction itself but we’ll also look at what the underlying causes of the addiction are and the necessary help needed to prevent these from leading the patient toward their ‘outlet’ in the future. 

    Do You Want To Stop Gambling? Speak To Us

    Struggling with gambling? Our team can help you stop gambling today.

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    At Infinity Addiction, we know that it’s not only the patient themselves that’s affected.

    We know the importance of involving the family within the treatment option and take the necessary steps to ensure the addict themselves has the best chance of recovery with a full spectrum of treatment options.

    If you, or someone you know may be suffering from a gambling addiction and need help, please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 0800 3345541


    Thank you Infinity for sorting out the detox for my Dad. You are great.

    Catherine M

    The case management service is brilliant and you have supported me so much I owe you my life. Im 6 months clean now and feel alive again thanks to you.


    Infinity arranged treatment for my daughter and have been amazing throughout the whole process. knowledgeable and always willing to help. I can't thank you enough as i've now got my daughter back.

    SarahJob Title

    The family training was outstanding. You have given me such a good understanding of addiction and I am now able to help support my son. So informative.

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