Addiction Support For Young People in Essex

Supporting Young Adults With Addiction

Here at Infinity Addiction Solutions, we know that it is not just adults who suffer from addiction – it is something that also causes problems for young people.

Whether you are drinking too much, misusing drugs or have developed a dependency on a certain type of behaviour, then our professional team will be able to help you address the issues concerned in a helpful, non-judgemental manner. 

We recommend addiction treatment options that are appropriate for younger people and that can fit in with their other commitments, for example, working around school or college studies.

What’s more, our advice is given without any charges being made so you can call us to talk about your personal circumstances without worrying about money. Our first phone consultation could end up with you taking the first steps towards recovery and beating your addiction.

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Options For Young People With Addiction Problems

In terms of addiction therapies, young people are defined as between 16 and 18. Younger than that and you are classified as a child.

If you are over 18 years of age, then you are considered an adult and treated in just the same way as all other addicted people.

That said, at Infinity Addiction Solutions, our approach is always tailored to the individual so your age is only one factor of many that will help us to formulate a suitable treatment plan for you.

With younger people, there is an augmented duty of care that needs to be taken but this does not mean that the therapies we might put forward as proposals are any less effective or watered down. It is all about getting it right for the individual circumstances of the young person concerned.

Supporting Young Adults With Addiction

There are lots of different addiction treatment services that are suited to young people, many of which are similar – or even exactly the same – like those offered to adults with addiction. If you are a young person and you are wondering about the sort of addiction services that might be suggested to help you, then these are some typical examples:

Support Service Types:

With this approach, the entire family will undergo training to find strategies that will help you deal with your addiction. Significant aftercare proposals might be put in place to help you avoid temptation following a treatment session, for example.

Some young people think that addiction therapies necessarily mean staying overnight in rehabilitation centres. Although this can be a good way forward, it does not suit every case. Therefore, you may be recommended an outpatient treatment which you attend and are free to leave at any time.

This approach not only assists with overcoming your addiction but helps to address the underlying mental health conditions that may have led to it in the first place. Many teenagers suffer from undiagnosed mental health problems so addressing them alongside an addiction treatment can be highly beneficial to young people especially, we can help with Dual Diagnosis for Addiction & Mental Health.

Our Team Can Help with Young People with Addiction

We take a person-centered approach at Infinity Addiction Solutions, so you can contact us safe in the knowledge that our services will be offered in a sensitive manner that is age-appropriate yet never dismissive or condescending.

We have plenty of experience helping young people dealing with a range of different sorts of addictive behaviors and substance misuse. Chat with us to find out how we can work together to put you onto a pathway towards recovery so you can get on with the rest of your life.

Get Support for a Young Person with Addiction

Speak to our addiction specialists in Essex who can help you today.


Thank you Infinity for sorting out the detox for my Dad. You are great.

Catherine M

The case management service is brilliant and you have supported me so much I owe you my life. Im 6 months clean now and feel alive again thanks to you.


Infinity arranged treatment for my daughter and have been amazing throughout the whole process. knowledgeable and always willing to help. I can't thank you enough as i've now got my daughter back.


The family training was outstanding. You have given me such a good understanding of addiction and I am now able to help support my son. So informative.

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