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Young adults are more vulnerable to addiction compared to those who are older. What may start as a harmless coping mechanism, or a bit of experimentation, can quickly lead to addictive behaviour, and the consequences can be shocking.

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Why Are Teens More Vulnerable To Addiction?

Statistics around teen addiction in the UK are shocking. One in ten teens has tried hard drugs, around four in ten young people say they have problems with alcohol, and 10% say they have a cocaine problem.

It’s so easy to blame their age and capacity to experiment and make mistakes, but it’s important to delve a little deeper than that so as not to simply bypass what is a highly destructive problem.

Brain Development

Teen brain development is a part of the reason as to why they are so vulnerable to addiction.

As we grow, the brain constantly develops until adulthood, and fully matures around the age of 25. Before we reach puberty the part of the brain that helps us to reason grows a lot, but then it slows down when we reach puberty and is much less active during those years.

So, the bit of the brain we use to make responsible decisions is basically much less involved in our thought processes. This is why all the misbehaviour, impulsivity and experimentation becomes acceptable to teens, but to outsiders it feels both irresponsible and illogical.

Why would they put themselves at risk like that?

Teenagers aren’t trying to be risky in their behaviour, it is just that their brains are simply less able to let them know that the consequences of their actions are important and could be very very bad.

This impulsivity and lack of consequential awareness puts teens at an increased risk of trying out drugs and alcohol, and forming an addiction.

In addition, teens have a lower level of dopamine which causes them to seek stimulation in all kinds of activities, including substance abuse, and when they do use alcohol or drugs for stimulation, the dopamine hit they get is higher than adults get, instantly making it more likely they will want to do it again. Combine this with the lack of ability to consider the later potential outcomes of their behaviour, control impulsivity and be responsible, and it is easy to see how quickly addiction can form.

Additional Factors

Whilst the brain is a factor in teens developing addiction, so is their environment and their emotional maturity. They may not have the skills yet to understand addiction, the potential consequences of their actions, and to understand what they are going through overall.

They may use addiction as a coping mechanism for dealing with stress, and pressure. They may be taking drugs and drinking socially, which can be very difficult for them to acknowledge as a problem as teens normally prioritise their friends and social life above all else.

Losing the addiction may not just be a matter of quitting the substance, but it may be, to them, a loss of their ability to cope with difficult feelings, a way to lose a friendship circle, a way to stop being respected by peers – addiction to teens is much more than the substance itself.

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Help Your Teenager Overcome Drug or Alcohol Addiction

It’s important to know that teens can overcome addiction, and the sooner you can help them transition into recovery, the better. Infinity Addiction Solutions offer tailor-made therapeutic programmes that include a comprehensive selection of treatment options including:

  • Online rehabilitation programmes
  • One to one therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Medical detoxing
  • Inpatient programmes
  • Aftercare

Infinity Addiction Solutions also offer intervention and mediation services to help families who are struggling to get through to their teen. Communication is so quickly broken down when emotions are involved. You’re likely beside yourself with worry, and your teen is feeling isolated and like you don’t understand them. Mediation services from a trusted addiction service can help create the bridge of communication and ease your teen into the help they need. With professional teen addiction therapy your child can regain their health, happiness, and enjoy better future prospects long-term.

Call Infinity Addiction Solutions today for more information about private teen addiction therapy services. You’re only one phone call away from speaking to a team who understand, and who are able to confidentially and discreetly talk you through the next steps.

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