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Issues Faced

Mrs Steinbecke who works and resides abroad contacted Infinity Addiction Solutions about her 24 year old daughter Vanessa who lives alone in Berkshire. Mrs Steinbecke reported that her daughter has been misusing on a daily basis, large amounts of various substances and Alcohol as well as having a diagnosed personality disorder.

Mrs Steinbecke stated that she wanted urgent help for her daughter and that she needed her to be admitted into a private rehabilitation service as soon as possible. Mrs Steinbecke would be able to return to the UK immediately but would need to return back abroad the following day and could only visit the UK once per month due to her work commitments.

Mrs Steinbecke was concerned for her daughter’s safety as she had threatened to take her own life if she didn’t help her. Mrs Steinbecke had already contacted multiple services but was unable to get any immediate response.      

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What we Did

Vanessa was contacted by Infinity Addiction Solutions within 2 hours. After evaluation of her circumstances, we referred her to her local mental health crisis team for urgent assessment as she was presenting with suicidal ideation with intent. Vanessa was subsequently assessed and admitted into hospital the same day to evaluate and stabilise her mental health.

Mrs Steinbecke and Vanessa both wanted to proceed with our addiction case management service and as such, through joint working between Infinity Addiction Solutions and her local mental health service, Vanessa was stabilised for her underlying mental health condition and when she was due to be discharge from hospital, We were able to facilitate a smooth transfer the same day into one of our approved private residential rehabilitation clinics, where Vanessa could address her substance misuse with continued monitoring for her mental wellbeing.

As part of our case management service, we regularly followed up with Vanessa for progress review sessions both by telephone and face to face. Working closely with Vanessa, the clinic and the mental health service, we were able to oversee the smooth transitions of each stage of Vanessa journey and with Vanessa’s consent, kept Mrs Steinbecke up to date with regular progress updates.

Towards the ending of her treatment, Vanessa was supported in completing a long term relapse prevention Recovery plan which included regular drug testing as Vanessa wanted to demonstrate to her mother, her commitment to staying sober and helping to repair some of the trust that had previously been broken by her behaviour.


The Result

Vanessa has successfully completed her 6 weeks residential treatment, is now looking for employment and has scheduled job interviews. Mrs Steinbecke reports Vanessa is now able to sleep well at night for the first time in many years and that the case management service gave her the reassurance that her daughter was being looked after throughout the whole of her treatment journey and was grateful for the regular informative progress updates. Vanessa formulated a 6 month recovery plan, was drug tested weekly and continues to remain abstinent and stable. 

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