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Issues Faced

Roy is a 68 year old male who lives alone following the tragic loss of his wife 3 years earlier. Roy had a long history of Alcohol misuse and following his wife’s passing, he medicated further using excessive Alcohol and was experiencing symptoms of acute anxiety and depression.

Subsequently Roy consumed more Alcohol to medicate and alleviate the symptoms and quickly became Alcohol dependent. Roy had attempted to gain control of his drinking on many occasions but informed us that he was overcome with withdrawal symptoms of shakes, tremors, sweats and insomnia.

Roy had also had a recent seizure that saw him hospitalised and detoxed. However, the loss of his wife and feelings of depression and loneliness soon overcame him and his drinking rapidly became a problem for him again. Realising that he needed another alcohol detox and help with his bereavement he contacted our helpline here at Infinity Addiction Solutions.

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What we Did

After discussing in detail with Roy his circumstances, we were able to assess his needs and severity of dependence, confirming Roys circumstances and needs. Infinity Addiction Solutions informed of NHS services and local drug and Alcohol services and also recommended urgent referral for Roy into a small abstinence based private clinic for an 8 week residential treatment stay.

This treatment would include a safe Alcohol detox, intense talking therapies throughout the 8 weeks and incorporate  bereavement counselling to help Roy work through his feelings of loss. During this 8 week period Roy would be able to also focus on his mental health, his alcohol addiction, make sense of his long term Alcohol use and develop new coping strategies and skills that would enable him to manage his emotional and psychological difficulties.

Infinity Addiction Solutions also recommended a 12 week aftercare service that would involve a comprehensive relapse prevention program to be provided through weekly one to one sessions. encourage engagement with local free support services and groups to help maintain his recovery and emotional stability.       


The Result

Roy successfully completed his detox and 8 weeks treatment episode and reports to be feeling better than he has in many years. Roy reports that he has no more symptoms of anxiety or depression.

He has returned to his hometown, still misses his wife dearly and finds that difficult at times, however, he says he now feels empowered to be able to choose not to drink Alcohol, Instead Roy now engages in his aftercare Plan through his choice of ongoing one to one counselling sessions and local support groups which he reports works well for him. Well done Roy keep up the great work.

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