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We’re very lucky in the UK in that we have the National Health Service to provide us with free healthcare for virtually all of our needs, including addiction rehab services should we need it. The NHS is able to offer you drug and alcohol rehabilitation services for free however, there are of course private addiction services to consider. The main difference that springs to mind is obviously the factor of cost however, there are numerous differences between both services.

What Are The Differences Between NHS Addiction Services & Private Services?

To give you a better idea of the differences between NHS/free addiction services and private addiction services such as ours, it’s best to find out more about both options. Here’s a rundown of what both can offer you.

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NHS/Free Addiction Services

The NHS offers access to free public rehabilitation centres up and down the country, with the one big draw being that it’s free. These are located all around the UK making it easy for you to stay near home and around your community, however, it must be remembered that there will of course be clear disadvantages, the biggest being that the vast majority of NHS funded addiction services are outpatient services which aren’t as successful as inpatient services, whereby you receive 24/7 support and treatment.

Addiction Treatment Services
Addiction Treatment Services

It’s also worth noting that NHS treatment centres usually have a very long waiting lists. Unfortunately while everyone would love to access these free services, they usually have limited funding, which means spaces aren’t available to everyone. Subsequently, the above mentioned waiting list grows and grows however, if you are lucky enough to get a space on an inpatient or outpatient basis, you should note that NHS funded treatment is of the same quality as privately funded treatment.

Private Addiction Services

Private addiction centres such as ours are an incredibly popular alternative to NHS funded treatment for the simple fact that we’re here, ready and waiting when you need us. Of course, there is a cost involved unlike NHS treatment however for that cost, you get completely dedicated and tailored care as well as instant access to treatment.

For those who are lucky enough to have the money to pay for such services, it’s a no brainer. What should also be considered is the fact that post-detox treatment such as therapy and subsequently after-care (when you leave the facility following treatment) is sometimes not considered part of the program on the NHS. With private addiction services however, it’s very much a part of our treatment program. 

Unsure About NHS Addiction Services? Speak To Us Today

Speak to our private addiction specialists who can help you today.

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Here at Infinity Addiction, we provide you with fully supervised medical detoxes as well as therapy and counselling to tackle the addiction along with its root cause. We also make it our priority to provide you with the tools you need to tackle life after treatment, reducing the chance of relapse greatly.

For more information on our private addiction services, please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 0800 334 5541. Our team are on hand at all times to provide you with the information you need, to make the most informed decision regarding all of our addiction services. From gambling addictions to drug and alcohol addiction and more, we have the resources and tools to help you move forward into a healthy and clean lifestyle with the full support of our team around you.

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