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Addiction Treatment Services in Basildon, Essex

Looking For Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Basildon?

Are you looking for drug addiction treatment and alcohol treatment in Basildon and surrounding areas? Then you’ll be pleased to know that right here at Infinity Addiction Solutions, that’s exactly what we can provide. 

We offer a specialist service to help those struggling with addiction and we do so at our many facilities throughout Essex, with Basildon being just one of those locations. Whether you’re struggling with drugs, alcohol or in fact both, you can seek the help you need at our clinic today. 

We know only too well that NHS treatment can often involve very lengthy waits, especially right now during these rather uncertain times, however here at Infinity Addiction Solutions, you can count on a prompt and immediate response from our team to help you take that very important first step toward a healthy, clean lifestyle.

Need Help With Drug or Alcohol Addiction in Basildon?

Speak to our addiction specialists in Basildon who can help you today.

We’re Here To Help You Every Step Of The Way

We’re proud to boast an incredible team that we’ve hand picked over the years. This team consists of some of the best therapists and counsellors in their field. 

All treatment plans begin with a detox, allowing you to come off of the drugs and alcohol slowly and safely, in a controlled environment. We’ll then begin the next step of treatment which consists of both therapy and counselling. From one-on-one to group sessions, you’ll receive all of the treatment you could possibly need, only by the best in our Basildon based treatment facility.

We won’t just address the addiction itself, but the root cause of the addiction in order to prevent you from heading toward the same life choices once you leave our facility. We want you to recognise the problem and address it, in a way that helps you resolve your issues. We also want to provide you with the necessary tools to ensure you feel secure, leaving our facility, minimising the chase of relapse as much as possible.

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We’re Here To Support You

Whether you’re struggling with alcohol addiction, drug addiction or even both, we can provide you with a bespoke treatment plan that suits you and your needs.

From residential treatment to outpatient treatment, whichever option you choose, please know that we’ll be here to provide you with the support you need every step of the way. We want you to benefit from complete transparency, knowing what’s happening and when.

We’ll be open, honest and truthful with you throughout your treatment journey and we’ll continue to be so, even after your treatment journey has finished.

Need Help With Drug or Alcohol Addiction in Basildon?

Speak to our addiction specialists in Basildon who can help you today.

Contact Us Today

If you’d like more information on our inpatient and outpatient treatment options, please don’t hesitate to contact the Infinity Addiction Solutions team on 0800 334 5541. We’re available 7 days a week to discuss your treatment needs and how we can be of help to you.

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Thank you Infinity for sorting out the detox for my Dad. You are great.

Catherine M

The case management service is brilliant and you have supported me so much I owe you my life. Im 6 months clean now and feel alive again thanks to you.


Infinity arranged treatment for my daughter and have been amazing throughout the whole process. knowledgeable and always willing to help. I can't thank you enough as i've now got my daughter back.

SarahJob Title

The family training was outstanding. You have given me such a good understanding of addiction and I am now able to help support my son. So informative.

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