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Why Take This Alcohol Dependency Test?

When it comes to alcohol, the effect it has on you depends greatly on how much you’re actually drinking. If you’re drinking a lot of alcohol, more than the recommended weekly intake for example, then you have a much greater chance of developing alcohol-related problems or dependency.

The government recommended maximum amount of alcohol per week is no more than 14 units and while this may sound a lot, it’s worth familiarising yourself with what a unit of alcohol actually is – from spirits to ales, this can vary greatly and more often than not, if grossly overestimated.

By drinking too much alcohol, you will be putting yourself in danger of developing a range of health problems from cancer to stroke, liver disease, brain damage and even nervous system problems. Aside from these rather daunting consequences, there are also a range of short term issues associated with too much alcohol. These can range from a loss of self-control to injury and so much more.

The Benefits of Taking an Alcohol Dependency Test

With this in mind, we wanted to provide you with a way of ensuring you’re keeping your level of risk as low as possible. In order to do this, it’s best to establish just how much you’re drinking on a weekly basis. This will allow you to assess yourself, whether you need to cut back.

This alcohol dependency calculator will help you test your own level of dependency on alcohol, whether you drink day to day or binge at the weekend. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers. Simply answer the questions before you and find out your results at the end.

If you feel that your drinking is taking control of your life or if someone you know may be suffering from alcohol addiction and needs help, please don’t hesitate to contact us today or call us 0800 3345541 we can help you take back control. 

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